It makes good sense to look for an ISCC Member!

When you are looking for quality, look for the ISCC logo. It tells you that your Pet Stylist is a member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, an international organization and multi-level certification program dedicated to the high standards that you expect and your pet deserves. Founded in 1990, ISCC members and Certified Pet Stylists can be found throughout the United States and internationally. ISCC members share a commitment to pet styling excellence, fair business practices, and to public health and safety. When you do business with an ISCC member, you can expect superior quality and service integrity.

Why look for an ISCC member?

ISCC members must abide by a strict code of ethics governing business and customer relations. In addition, members must stay current with the latest scientific and technological developments through continuing education seminars, workshops, publications and trade networking. Choosing an ISCC member assures that your pet will receive quality care and humane, compassionate treatment.

Why look for an ISCC Certified Pet Stylist?

ISCC provides a comprehensive multi-level certification program in order to establish acceptable and recognizable standards of pet styling excellence and to provide voluntary testing, whereby that excellence and proficiency may be visibly demonstrated, measured and verified. ISCC Certified Pet Stylists have voluntarily submitted to and successfully completed extensive written and practical skills examinations. You can be assured that these individuals are leaders within their profession who are up to date with the latest industry concepts and innovations in order to better serve your pet's needs and are committed to meeting the highest pet styling standards with in their profession.

Code of Ethics

All ISCC members and Certified Pet Stylists subscribe to this Code of Ethics:

  • To humanely and compassionately care for all animals entrusted to their care and to place their welfare above all else
  • To actively continue their education in the pursuit of their continued professional growth so as to ensure Pet Styling Excellence and Quality Services
  • To conduct their business fairly, honestly, and with integrity



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