Know Your Groomer
How well do you think you know your groomer? Have you ever really taken a moment to think about the person who you are paying to clean, clip and fluff your "little angel"? Much like you should take time to research day care centers for your children, you should also take the time to find out what kind of training, skills and knowledge your groomer has acquired. For instance . . .

Pet First Aid
We always take for granted the things most dear to us. But when you are either out at the lake, dog-park, or just playing in the backyard with your beloved pet, disaster can strike. An insect sting, a fight with another dog, or heat stroke; knowing what to do in an emergency can be a matter of "life and death."

Eyes, Ears, and Anal Glands
Pet owners, veterinarians and pet stylists all share the same concern - to help pets look and feel healthier and happier. A major part of this is the health and care of eyes, ears and anal glands. As with anything concerning your pet . . .

The Legend of Grayfriar's Bobby
Many years ago, there lived a special dog, a Kyleakin Skye Terrier named Bobby, who was the embodiment of devotion and undying love...



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